Why Yieschool?

YES is THE school: for students, for teachers and for parents.

It is a unique blend of learning and discovery and combines the best of both the Italian and international curriculum.

The YIES method is based on research and allows the development of knowledge related to personal experiences. It is an environment where students develop critical thinking and personal skills and where different learning styles are recognized and valued. Students will be able to think creatively and be independent when solving problems.

YIES is the educational environment in which fundamental elements such as serenity, support and co-operation are considered fundamental. It is the place where pupils are encouraged to develop their critical thinking and personal skills and to grow as a person. In YIES, our goal is to develop skills, abilities and knowledge to help children grow as responsible citizens of the world, self-confident advocates of change, ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

Some of the strategic skills that 21st century people require include:

Knowing how to work together by working in groups

Knowing how to solve problems independently

Being able to organize and decide on priorities

Being able to communicate effectively

Having a civic sense and respect for others

At YIESchool we work on the development of competences as well as personal abilities to fit the quest for the management of a complex world as it is. In a stimulating multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment, our students are guided by capable adults to explore the world, accept new challenges and to undertake research. The YIES method, which seamlessly integrates both the Italian and international curricula, is based on  the understanding of the importance of rigorous academic learning using  languages, Italian, English and Spanish.

YIES is THE school for parents who believe it is essential to allow their children to go towards  future with solid skills, a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to adapt to an ever changing world