Both Italian and English speaking staff teach in their own language following a research based percentage model. Specialists in art, music, emotional lab and physical education (Italian or English-speaking) enrich the academic program. Spanish is introduced from Grade 2 and is taught by a native Spanish speaker, creating a truly multilingual environment.

Our teachers are highly qualified and are guided and supported by the Principal. Our English speaking teachers come from different countries and all have years of experience teaching English as a second language in  international school environments. Italian teachers, with their long experience teaching in bilingual environments, understand how bilingualism works and how students learn in a bilingual context. Our staff includes teachers of Music,  P.E, Art and Spanish and they all work together with classroom teachers to provide an integrated education for the students. Our emotional intelligence lab is unique. A sensitive and competent teacher leads children in giving shape and name to their emotions and manage them.

A team of non-teaching staff, led by the COO (Chief Operation Officer), professionally governs the daily operation and administration of the school.

The YIES Scientific Committee, coordinated by the CSO (Chief Scientific Officer), consists of, and is supported by, scholars and researchers. They study the cognitive and social aspects of the students’ lives through a multilingual approach. Supported by  this Committee, YIES will act as a successful learning model.

The Advisory Board of YIES consists of academics, professionals and business people who support the school and share its mission and vision. With their support and intellectual honesty, YIES  strives for excellence.